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Florian Büttner

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Florian Büttner was born in Bielefeld, Germany. He studied photography at the University of applied Science Bielefeld with the focus on photojournalism, where he graduated in 2007. His Diploma work was a Documentary on the exploitation of foreign labors in Dubai. His life and the choice of profession has always been dominated by his wish to travel and to see and document the various faces of the world.
Since 2008 Florian is a freelance photographer. He has worked for several national and international Magazines and Newspapers, specializing in portrait-, people- and reportage photography.

In 2014/2015 he startet getting into advertising photography where he combined his reportage style with the demands of clients, creating pictures which aim to tell an authentic story while transporting the client`s message. 
Florian`s strength is his variety in style, celerity  and flexibility within the tasks of a production. This has helped him to gain a lot of experience in complementary photography during major tvc shootings. 
Florian is based in Berlin, where he lives with his family and shares an office space with other creatives.


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